Journey to my first song 

Interested to learn how I got here? 

Read on... 

It all started when I was in 1st grade, living in New Jersey. I was diagnosed with a form of cancer called leukemia. 

All the doctors had to do blood draws and it was kind of frightening in the beginning. I was trying to push through it and before I knew they had already poked the needle into my arm. I had to stay at the hospital and I wasn’t allowed to go home. The worst part was that I couldn’t go home to meet my brother and he couldn’t come to the hospital to meet me. The doctors had to insert a port in my chest so I wouldn't get poked in my arm, but the medicine would go through a needle poked on my chest. Scary, right? 

As time went on I was finally allowed to go home but I still had to go to the doctors a lot. My parents finally decided that we were going to move to Massachusetts. It was new for me and my whole entire family, but we had some very close friends. We moved because there was better health care in Boston. 

For a few months I had cancer. But then the doctors did it! They cured me. I still had to go for checkups and all but I didn’t have to stay at the hospital and best of all I was with my brother. Slowly and steadily I wasn’t going for checkups as often. It was every 1 month, then 2 months interval and now it’s every 3 months. 

A little while back I was granted a wish from Make-A-Wish foundation. All the kids who went to Dana Farber Cancer Institute - Jimmy Fund Clinic, were granted a wish for all the hard times they had been through. I kept thinking about what my wish will be. At first I thought I wanted to meet the famous actors of Harry Potter, but that didn't move further. Then I thought to publish my own book but then I changed my mind and thought of getting a swimming pool. I also thought about visiting my cousins in Australia, but then COVID ruined it. 

I finally decided I wanted to record my own song with a Music Video. I had made written some songs in the past but I hadn’t really taken them anywhere. Make-A-Wish hooked us up with a famous hip-hop artist, Chachi Carvalho and his buddy, Edgar Cruz (Vertygo), who is a world class musician. They are both super nice and super talented artists. They helped me bring my song to life. I was in shock where all this was going. 

I met great people at Make-A-Wish. Right from the CEO of the MA division, Sean Holleran to Guadalupe, the Project Manager who was constantly in touch with my parents, the Volunteers, David and Norman. Everyone  I got to work with was amazing. 

That is my story and how I faced through the good times and the bad times.